I Wish I Could Say 

I had a storybook childhood, but that was not the case. Caught in the crossfire of divorce, I became an innocent casualty. My negative experiences as a child were “parenting classes” that have fueled me to confidently navigate faith and family.

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Perhaps you are dealing
with  Self-Limiting Beliefs 

and you are fearful about the future of your children. Maybe you don’t feel like you have what it takes to be a successful parent. Whatever is stopping you from being the mom or dad you always hoped you would be, is important to me.


As a trained International Coaching Federation life coach, the author of Arrows, Raising Children to Hit Their God-Given Mark, and the host of the Generation Arrow Parenting Podcast, it is my mission to help you realize the family of your dreams.


 Tell me, is this you? 

  • Not having a good parenting model as a child has left you feeling empty-handed as a parent


  • Negative childhood experiences have hindered you from giving your children all the love you think they deserve


  • Compared with other parents, you feel you don’t measure up


  • You’re afraid of being a failure as a mom or dad and messing up your kids


 Imagine if 

You faced your parenting fears head on and conquered their hold on you once and for all

You parented with full confidence, knowing you are more than equipped to parent well

You successfully overcame the anxiety of the “what if’s” and unknowns of raising your kids

You had a clear understanding of how to have the family of your dreams


 What is coaching? 

I am a trained International Coaching Federation (ICF) life coach. The ICF organization is the gold star standard for life coaches with intense training and accreditation for ultimate accountability.

 As your coach, I will... 


Trust you are the expert of your own life


Ask powerful questions to expand your perspective


Offer a confidential and safe space for you to tell your story


Give you the power to choose, express, and dream about your purpose in life


Believe you are creative, capable, competent, and complete to unearth the best solutions


During this free call together, we will explore roadblocks preventing you from becoming the best mom or dad you can be.

30 Minute Phone Call - FREE

Master Your Parenting Mindset

In our three sessions together, you will embark on a journey of equipping and discovery in becoming the parent you always dreamed you would be. Although you will be in full control of our discussion, we will usually cover the following roadmap to use as our guide:

  1. What’s your starting point? – Locating where you are as an individual

  2. Mapping your destination – Determining your family values and beliefs

  3. Roadblocks – Exploring self-limiting beliefs

Three - 1 Hour Sessions - $299.99

Journey to Parenting Confidence
Mini Sessions

Six - 1 Hour Sessions - $499.99

Journey to Parenting Confidence

After our six sessions together, you will be able to step into your fullest potential as a parent and no longer second-guess who you are and the value you bring to your family. While you are always in the driver’s seat during our time together, we will usually cover the following roadmap to use as our guide:​

  1. What’s your starting point? – Locating where you are as an individual

  2. Mapping your destination – Determining your family values and beliefs

  3. Roadblocks – Exploring self-limiting beliefs

  4. Dead End – Recognizing the dangers of fear 

  5. Trusting your GPS – Hearing God’s voice

  6. Enjoy the journey – Parenting in confidence


My experience with Keeley as my parent coach has been extremely helpful in not only helping me as a single mom but has opened my eyes to so many truths about myself and helping me identify the lies, unhealthy patterns and habits I was stuck in. I really thought all my guilt and shame as a mom was from the way I was acting towards my daughter, but it was so much more than that. Keeley has provided spiritual and logic advice, she prays before each session- being led by the Holy Spirit, she has given me homework for me to work on through the weeks so I could see where the root of my issues were stemming from and replace them with God’s grace, truth, love, forgiveness, mercy and step into the person/mother role that God has created me to be. I’m so grateful for Keeley and our time together helping me see who God says I am!

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- Megan Meyer



Keeley Schafer has served in many different facets of ministry since graduating from Rhema Bible College in 1990.


She leads a nonprofit called Generation Arrow specifically geared to help parents raise their children to fulfill their God-given purpose.


Keeley and her husband, Kevin, have three amazing young adult kids: Austin, Kamryn, and DeLaney.


 The Generation Arrow Podcast 

The Generation Arrow podcast offers spiritual insight and relevant wisdom on raising children through every season of life.