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This study guide is designed to be used with the book, Arrows, Raising Children to Hit Their God Given Mark. Although you can work through this material individually, it would be most beneficial to interact with others through a group study to enrich your understanding through your discussions.


Each lesson in this study guide contains the following:




The instructions at the beginning of each lesson tell you which chapters of the book to read.


Scripture Reading


The Word of God contains the power to change your heart as an individuals and as a parent. As we discuss the scriptures in each lesson, the Holy Spirit will show you how to align your life in accordance with God’s will.


Questions for Personal Reflection


These questions allow you the opportunity to think about how to apply the principles taught in the book, Arrows, Raising Our Children to Hit their God Given Mark. The questions are meant to be a guideline for discussion, but other questions or comments may arise during the group study that may offer on-time instruction and encouragement.

Study Guide for “Arrows, Raising Children to Hit Their God-Given Mark”

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